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Lisieux, enjoy the Norman city and its countryside

Lisieux is a town located in the region of Basse-Normandie, in the northwestern part of France. The city is situated almost 40 km away from Caen and 70 km away from Rouen, connexion to Deauville by train from Paris. It counts more than 20.000 inhabitants.

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The city of Lisieux offers many interesting activities. You can start the visit of this little town by the great basilica, built at the request of the Pope Pie XI. It honours Saint Therese whose gravestone is kept in the Carmel’s chapel.

Then, go to visit the beautiful museum of art and history ; this old building houses a unique collection relative to the past of the whole region. The Saint Peter’s cathedral is also worth the visit ; it is one of the first cathedrals built in the Norman region.

For aquatic activities, the Nautilus center is what you need ; the numerous pools, the fitness and relaxation rooms will enchant you.

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