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Nancy, the art nouveau style was born in this french city

Nancy, capital of the Lorraine region and Meurthe-et-Moselle department, in the North East of France, is renowned for its breathtaking and rejuvenated Place Stanislas and for being a cradle for the whole wave of Art Nouveau.

About France

It’s only since 1766, that the Duchy of Lorraine belongs to France. Indeed, Nancy became a political center of importance at that time, and the whole complex of places linked to the Place Stanislas offers a pretty unique view of a complex and monumental urban architecture during the 18th century in Europe.

But Nancy also provides a whole laboratory for the Art Nouveau movement with the creation of the School of Nancy by Emile Gallé in 1901. You can also enjoy the beautiful cathedral as well as many parks, including the gorgeous Jardin Botanique du Montet.

You should not forget to taste the delicious and local quiche lorraine, as well as the mirabelle-flavoured eau-de-vie.

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